Seeking Wisdom From Oracle Cards

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Lao Tzu

For fear of judgement I try to stay as private as I can, determining what I feel is safe to share of myself and what aspect could be open to ridicule or judgement. But, today I am going to share something that I hope will be uplifting or inspiring in some way.

I started a journey into making oracle and tarot cards last year. I have bought a couple of decks, mainly for the artworks originally. I also have a deck on my phone (Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid). I occasionally would ask the oracle decks questions if I was unsure of something. I must say that most of the time I was amazed that the cards I got related to my question. Though at this point I was still only dabbling.

Coming to a more recent time, I started a course with Cathy Nichols, Create Your Own Oracle Deck, (link at the end of post), and a couple of months ago I also started getting into a routine of doing readings for myself every morning. Simple readings, nothing too deep or heavy, but gradually I felt a shift. I started to notice that my intuition was growing, and the ability to tap into wisdom, (hopefully anyway)! I started to notice synchronistic things happening. Where I was feeling stuck and stagnant in so many aspects of my life things started to flow better.

When it came to my own deck, the thought of having to write interpretations terrified me! How on earth was I going to write words of wisdom that serve and benefit others? Well that part astounded me as well. Once I sat down and started putting pencil to paper the words would just start filling up the page. It always amazes me to look at it when I’m finished and think, ‘Where did all that come from!?”

So, with my awareness growing and a realisation that you can actually tap into a deeper well of knowledge through oracle cards, I started asking questions about more difficult issues. I have to say that 8 or 9 times out of 10 I am blown away by the answers! The other thing, lately, I keep drawing the same cards over and over, no matter how long I shuffle the deck. The same 6 - 8 cards, and there are nearly 70 cards in the deck! It actually feels like they’re shouting at me, “What don’t you understand?!” Haha!

I understand! Like a spoilt child, I’m just not working with the insight and wisdom I’m being shown. I even try to ‘trick’ the cards, or myself if I’m honest, by rewording my questions so it would appear I’m seeking answers to something else, but I still draw the same cards!! This happens with both decks I use. So I guess there is no fooling the pool of wisdom and knowledge I’m fishing in!

Though I think the best way of looking at oracle cards is that it’s not the cards as such giving you the answers. It is simply a tool to access our intuition and wisdom that we already have. The cards remove the ego and allow us to communicate with our higher selves. When asking the cards for answers we must ask with the intent that the knowledge we are seeking is for our highest good. There is no point in seeking what we want to hear, or believing that we will be provided with easy answers, or easy ways out of situations. Spiritual growth happens when there is difficulty and lessons to learn. The oracle cards are just one way of navigating possible stormy waters without getting totally shipwrecked, hopefully anyway! Sometimes we just need simple clarification that we are on the right path.

So, below is an image of my reading this morning. I will share the questions I asked and will include the interpretations from the booklet so that you can see how they relate. The deck I used is The Spirit Animal Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid. I think this reading provides lovely wisdom regardless of my questions and the answers I was seeking. I hope in some way the message they deliver will resonate with you and fill your day with love and comfort. It’s all about believing and trusting the Universe/God ( or whatever belief) exists, and that everything is as it should be. It’s about believing that there is magic in the world if we choose to see it. There is no need to rush, panic or force things to happen. Trust that everything will come about at the perfect moment, in perfect timing. We create so much anxiety worrying about the outcome of things. The never ending how, what, when and whys that can constantly go through our heads. Sometimes the best action is no action. Take time to meditate, try to stay present in the now. Try not worry about the things on your mind. Be peaceful and grateful for the blessings you have. All of this is easier said than done I realise, but we can at least begin with awareness. Become aware of our thoughts and feelings and go from there.

Note: these are some of the repeating cards for me, so I guess I’m not listening very well nor heeding the advice being offered! Mmmm ; )

Question 1: For my highest good what message is there for me today? (Before I did this reading I mentally asked for signs throughout the day as proof. Note one of the sentences I typed in bold.)

Card 1: White Raven Spirit (Protection orientation) - Trust in the magic.

Are you being distracted by the illusion of a chaotic universe? Deep in your heart, you know the world is full of magic, and White Raven has appeared to remind you that the ways of the world can cause spiritual amnesia. Stay awake and alert, for Spirit wants you to enjoy the miracles all around you. Remember, the evidence of divine order can be seen everywhere. Ask for a sign, and it shall be yours. Synchronicities happen all the time, so if you are in a time of challenge and feeling cynical, all you need to do is ask for a reminder. White Raven will appear to reassure you that all of this is leading to something better, for magic is in the wind.

Question 2: How can I focus on my goals and not be distracted? (Again, note the bold type!)

Card 2: Koala Spirit - Spirit has a plan.

In nature, the koala moves slowly…leisurely chewing the leaves, reminding us that life is not a race or competition. Chasing around after every distraction can keep us from recognising that we have all we need and that Spirit will always be there with gifts to sustain us. You are being asked to trust that by moving slowly, with faith in the abundance that is everywhere, surrendering to a power greater than yourself, you will be able to experience the manifestation of your desire. As you take your time enjoying the riches available to you right now, sitting peacefully, you begin to radiate the joy and abundance you seek. Spirit is here to help you discover happiness, pleasure, and contentment - all gifts are yours now and in the future. Have faith and trust in Spirit’s plan for you, and know that you are loved and cherished.

Question 3: What are my next steps of actions towards these goals?

Card 3: Turtle Spirit - Slow and steady wins the race.

Turtle Spirit arrives to remind you that when you do what you need to do, putting one foot in front of the other and trusting that you will see your intentions manifest in perfect timing, your prosperity and love will grow exponentially. Now is not the time to rush around trying to force matters. Move slowly, perhaps even so slowly that it almost feels as if you are not moving at all! This may be a time to crawl before walking, taking your time to align to Turtle Spirit’s place as you contemplate this road you are on, doing what you need to do in this small moment that will soon pass. Turtle Spirit reminds you that sometimes the best action is to slow right down, so if it feels as if you are not doing enough, know that simply being aware of what is happening right now may be an important step toward determining whether you need to pivot or simply keep putting one foot in front of the other. “ True love and true success comes with Patience,” says Turtle Spirit. Focus on the now, and the next step will be clear.

If you have made it all the way to the end of this ‘essay’ I thank you with my heart! Again, I truly hope you have gained something from the reading for yourself to use.

Also, if you are interested in creating your own oracle deck I definitely recommend Create Your Own Oracle Deck by Cathy Nichols. It really is a fun class! Link below and have a fantastical day filled with magic and wonder.



Zera Derrig