Every painting is a voyage into a sacred harbour.

Giotto do Bondone

Hello, I am Zera. I live in Australia and I am a mixed media artist.

Without beauty my art would not exist. My art is a constant desire to find the best way to interpret and recreate the beauty I see in the world. It is a way to reproduce that beauty in a new way.

I look at all the things in life that I am personally drawn to and then I try to incorporate it into my paintings. Sometimes it can be a very simple painting of just roses or at times it will include many things that appeal to me from roses, faces, paper, fabric or plaster.

Inspiration comes from many sources. It can be something in nature, people, beautiful places, movies, songs and definitely other art. There is so much beautiful art in the world and I am constantly compelled to contribute to that.

I love a wide variety of art mediums and styles of art, and this can be seen in my artwork. However, my art could mainly be classified as whimsical and romantic. I have been very fortunate to learn from many talented teachers and to use those new techniques to create richer art.

The further I go into my art journey the freer I feel and the desire to create becomes stronger. Art is a beautiful way to express what is one’s heart and mind. It is a window into the artist’s soul. I create art because I hope that when someone sees my creations it will make them happy and perhaps even inspire them to create something themselves.

In January 2017 I entered an international art competition and was very pleased to win my first award, A Special Merit Award. I have sold pieces through an online auction, privately and at a fundraising exhibition. I have also been blessed to see some of my artworks making their journey across the world!

I hope you will follow me on my creative journey xx